Hydraulic Swivels

Hydraulic Swivels

Find The Right Swivel For Any Job

Swivel Features To Fit Any Application Need

• Superior Quality Alloy Steel

• Hydraulic Live Swivels

• Inline & 90°


• Heavy Duty Ball Bearing

• Custom Design Available
• Low Pressure Drop
• Chrome/Stainless Steel
Ball Bearings
Hydraulic Swivel Sectional Drawing
• 304 & 440 Stainless Steel Options
• Thread Sizes .125" to 2.5"
• Micro Smooth Barrel Bores
• Rated To 10,000 P.S.I.
• Rated To 10,000 P.S.I.
• Encapsulated Seal Options
• Rebuildable

Finding superior quality, heavy-duty, leak free, live swivels at a competitive price doesn't have to be a challenge. Modern heat treating processes allow for higher working pressure ratings and wear resistance. Several different plating options and a wide variety of seal options vastly expand the range of application uses.

Hydraulic Swivels are used in a wide variety of applications, i.e. hose reels, hydraulic log loaders, paint equipment, automatic car washes, wrecker trucks, horizontal directional drilling, machine tool indexers, hydraulic wheel motors, hot tar applicators, robotics, power line equipment, railroad equipment, and mining equipment, to mention a few.


Base Material and Plating

Most swivels are manufactured from Carbon Steel or 304 and 440C Stainless Steel.

Carbon Steel Zinc (Z) Plating is recommended for non-corrosive applications, i.e. hydraulic,
pneumatic, etc.

Carbon Steel Nickel (NI) Plating is recommended for mildly corrosive environments,
i.e. water, mild chemicals, solvents, etc.

304 Stainless Steel (304) is recommended for low pressure corrosive environments.

440C Stainless Steel (SS) is a martensitic, high carbon, magnetic stainless steel, heat-treated
to maintain a high-pressure rating. Not as corrosion resistant as 300 Series Stainless Steel.

Seal Material

(V) Viton® (Fluorocarbon) – For most petroleum based applications. (-15ºF to 250ºF)

(AL) Aflas® (Tetrafluoroethylene-propylene copolymer) – Better resistance to many
individual chemicals. For service in high temperature environments. (Low temperature
limitations.) (+32ºF to 400ºF)

(PFA) PFA Teflon® – High resistance to many individual chemicals where Teflon seals are
required. (1,500 max psi) (-15ºF to 400ºF)

Other seal types:
Buna, EPR, Neoprene and Kalrez®.



Superior manufacturing and design specifications makes Super Swivels® the leader in hydraulic swivels.

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